About Us

About Us

Susan Chapman

Taylor-USA is a wholesale distributor to the String Instrument Trade in the United States, importing fine quality parts, accessories, instruments and bows. Priding itself in a higher level of quality and value, Taylor-USA seeks to support the needs of instrument makers and fine retail music shops.

Whether it is a perfect set of fittings to outfit a maker’s new instrument, or perhaps the less expensive fittings and parts for everyday shop use and restoration, we want you to be completely satisfied with the way our products look, cut and ultimately provide the level of satisfaction that your customer expects from you. We find having higher quality materials (such as African ebony) in even the lower end fittings results in more enjoyable lutherie for our customers.

Susan Chapman is the owner of Taylor-USA. She is a graduate of Drake University with degrees in Music Business and String Performance. Prior to purchasing Taylor-USA, Susan had been serving as the director and principal buyer to the string instrument division of one of the nation’s top 25 music retailers. She had also been an enthusiastic customer of Taylor-USA.

Since acquiring the 10-year old company in December 2000 from the estate of J. Bradley Taylor (who was an accomplished violin maker and founding member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers), Susan has used her knowledge and years of experience both as a symphony performer and music retailer to considerably broaden the product offerings.

Susan thrives on listening to her customers, whether they are individual makers or retail shops, to understand what it is they are seeking, then to research whether the item is readily available or, if needed who she can get to produce it. This is how Taylor-USA has grown to be what it is today.

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